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Austrian company "Mayer & Co" - Maco harware producer - sinse 1994 is the oner of Certificate of Quality DIN ISO 9001. MACO is designed for PVC and wooden windows of different kinds of openning (поворотные, поворотно-откидные, откидные) and different geometries (прямоугольные, арочные, сегментные, трапециевидные, треугольные).
Windows system MACO is a hightech product, able co combine excelent quality and normal price.It is distinguished by its multi-variance that allows you to choose for each customer the optimal set. Manufacturability and rationality MACO hardware provide:
  1. universal template for drilling of loop groups and scissors,
  2. built blocker erroneous opening,
  3. big move pins,
  4. compatibility scissors arch and trapezoidal window supports standard scissors,
  5. MULTI universal joint and universal adjusting key,
  6. universal average loop,
  7. designs use hinges, supports, scissors and mechanisms on both the left and right
  8. and more.
TREND system at all swing-out mechanisms in the rotary knob to position blocks transfer window is set to " Closed " or " Folded " . Availability of lock prevents emergency situations and as a result, prevents the window from breaking. Mikrolift-locker has another important additional function - interacting with the opposite side, he insures flap from sagging, providing a seamless lock box.

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